Love speech symbol_Cover_Logo

‘Love Speech’ Symbol

Fine Acts is a nonprofit organization for socially engaged creative solutions. They create novel avenues to empower activism through art and play. We worked closely with Fine Acts to develop an international ‘anti-hate speech’ symbol that will portray the idea behind their new project ‘Reimagining Human Rights’. The project aims to collect free, evergreen, hopeful visual content for activist and nonprofits around the world to use in their campaigns.

Client: Fine Acts

The main ‘love speech’ logo brings together two bright and familiar symbols. The megaphone – symbol of protest and the power of free speech and the heart– an international symbol of love.

Along with the main ‘love speech’ logo, we also created a set of ‘anti-hate speech’ symbols that illustrates the same idea and that can be downloaded and used freely for all creative purposes.

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